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Rajasthan is known for its Culture, Tradition, Custom, Tahzeeb and last but not the least for its Food. In a Rajasthan there are many cities which is known for its food but Jodhpur is one of the Famous city not only in rajasthan but in India which truly known for its Royalty in food.
                     Jodhpur has number of eating varieties we can have every cuisine in Jodhpur, ranging from Indian to Chinese to continental to Mughlai cuisine.Jodhpur is known for its own original taste, there are so many varieties in Namkeens, in Sweets, in Food and many other. Every outsider who came Jodhpur must praise jodhpuri food. Jodhpur food is famous for its taste and spicies. Jodhpuri food contain lots of lal mirch powder and garam masala which doubled its taste.
                    Jodhpuri Rasoi contain lots of sweets, namkeens and a huge variety of taste. we can have jodhpuri thali: which contain dal, sabji's, rice, chapaties, mithais, papad, kheer and so on...
Let's talk about some famous namkeens of Jodhpur :-
       Jodhpuri namkeen is also very famous like mirchivada, kachori, samosa, kofta etc. In a rainy season these namkeen used full of their quantity. Jodhpuri people eat that namkeen with bread and chutney.
  1. Mirchivada - IT is a one of the tasty, spicy and famous namkeen of Jodhpur. Jodhpuri people is very fond of  mirchivada.


 2. Kachori - It is that type of namkeen which has its own type like mogar kachori, pyaz kachori and kadi with kachori. people can have this item in all three ways.

  3. Samosa - It is triangle in shape made up of wheat flour and boil aalu masala. It is less spicy in taste.

  4. Kofta - It is made up of battar of besan and boil aalu paste and then deep fry.


                   Jodhpuri people used lots of home made sabzi's like MOONG DAAL BADI it is made up of moong dal paste dry in sun light and then prepare it with ginger garlic paste. GATTE KI SABZI first make a doa of besan make a small balls and then fry it in oil and then prepare it in with Dahi Mixture. PACHKUTTA       it is one of most famous sabzi of jodhpur, this particular sabzi  known as jodhpur ki sabji . PAPAD KI SABZI this is one of the special sabji of jodhpur, it takes less time to cook, it is very cheap in cost and it is most wanna be sabji of jodhpur. KHATA(kadi) it is made up of dahi besan mixture, if dhai is not available or less in quantity one can use chach also, but both must be sour in taste. This Khata(kadi) can be eated with BAJRE KA SOGARA it is made up of bajre ka aatta, bajre is highest used in RAJASTHAN especially in jodhpur. Another  dish which is prepared by bajri is BAJRE KA KHICH it is pure marwar dish which is only made in marwar. Mostly it is eated with GHEE and GALWANI(it is sweet in taste, made of gudh and ghee).

The last but not the least is DAL-BATI if we talking about Jodhpuri Rasoi and we forget DAL-BATI it is next to impossible, Jodhpuri people are very fond of this particular dish. Along with DAL-BATI one special sweet is prepare called CHURMA , it contain ghee, chewnuts, elichee, sugar. This churma is eated with DAL-BATI specially. It enhance Jodhpuri Rasoi, it is available all over Rajasthan and also in India but no other place can beat the taste of Jodhpur. People of Jodhpur do not waste foody things like after the meal if in their rasoi some chapattis are left they used that chapattis to make a new dish called KHAKARE KI KHICHDI it is made of chapattis, first dry these chapattis, make their small pieces and prepare it in onion tomato masala, CHILADE KI SABZI it is made up of besan batter. some people used to eat chillas in breakfast also and some prepare it sabzi it is a home made sabzi. PITODE KI SABZI it is also made up of besan batter but there is some difference between chilada and pitode. The betterof besan used in pitode, first cook this better in deep vessel and then pour this better in oiled plate(thali) after 15 minute cut the pieces with the help of knife and prepare this in dahi mixture. RABODI it is most famous home made sabzi of Jodhpur. It is sour in taste, so rabodi is prepare in onion garlic paste it consumed less time in prepare. PEETLA it is the another sabzi which is made up of besan better, we use to put garlic, spring onion corrinder leaves. MIRCHI KA KUTTA it is made up of green chillies, danamathi, rai and dahi. It is spicy in taste this sabzi plays an important role in Jodhpuri food. GULABJAMUN KI SABZI  it is the Shahi sabzi of Jodhpuri it is made up of dry gulabjamun(without chashni), dahi, ginger garlic paste, tamato pury, chillis, corrinder leaves, malai and cream. Basically, it is made during the festival and marriages. MOGAR KI SABZI Mogar is very popular dal, but Jodhpuri people made its sabzi, it prepare like any other sabzi but different in taste. LAUKI KE PAKODE KI SABZI first made lauki ke pakode then prepare it with in dahi, ginger garlic paste and corrinder leaves.

Moong Dal Badi

Gatte Ki Sabzi


Papad ki Sabzi

Khata Sogra

Bajre ka khich


Dal Bati Churma

Khakare ki Khichdi


Pitode ki sabzi



Mirchi ka Kutta

Gulabjamun ki sabzi

Mogar ki sabzi

Lauki ke pakode


                                       Jodhpuri people are known as foody people. Even they are on fast, then also they want food which is not regular one but different. There are many items which Jodhpuri people prepare during their fast's. as we know we all Indians have fast through out  the year. Specially Jodhpuri people prepare lots of item for fast like SHAYME KI KHICHDI it is made with ghee and aalu. it is very testy and easily digested. RAJGIRI KA PARATHA it is made up of rajgiri ka atta and boil aal. First prepare the dough of rajgiri ka atta, aalu, fast salt and corrinder leaves then make the paratha. This paratha is eated with curd and AALU KI SABZI this sabzi made with boil aalu, geera, haldi and fast salt. Squeeze the lemon after cooked the sabzi.

                            All the above items prepare in home but in the market their is the most testy item prepare called FAST KA MIRCHIBADA it is made up of batter of rajgiri ka aata and boil aalu ka masala and then fry in the oil. It is the most favourite item of Jodhpuri people during their fast.

Shayme ki khichdi

Rajgiri ka paratha

Aalu ki sabzi

Fast ka Mirchibada


In a Jodhpuri Rasoi every type of food were prepare, if we prepare veg food in a very lump-sum of quanyity so as non-veg is also prepare in same quantity
                   Jodhpur is known as the land of Raja’s and Maharaja’s And these Raja’s were Rajputs, and Rajputs Raja’s were known for their strengthen, strongest .  They were hardcore non-vegetarian so the non-veg of jodhpur is full of Royalty. As we disscuss earier that jodhpuri  food is spicy in taste so same for non – veg but non-veg of jodhpur is very different from others places because Jodhpuri people used many types of khade masala’s like Tej-Patta, Badi ellichi , Sabut Kali Mirch, Long, Soof, Dal Chinni and so many else…by using these things the taste of non-veg become doubled.

In a Jodhpur there are  many castes who loved to eat and cook non-veg . they prepare non-veg in their festival like NAVRATRI, they made non-veg specially MUTTON for the bhog to DURGA MAA. Jodhpuri Rasoi  contain non-veg like LAL MAAS,this traditional Jodhpuri dish can be made as hot as one like. It gets its color from the chillies used to cook it. JUNGALI MAAS it is a dish made from mutton, ghee and oil.It  is very easy to prepare and does not take longer time to cook. BANJARA GOSHT it is one of the most popular and favorite dish of jodhpuri people.It is prepare from Mutton 
and Dhai.


Jodhpuri people used lot of spices, garam masalas, chewnuts, ghee,oil while preparing food. They considered spicy people but at same time jodhpur come first for highest consuming GHEE which means in a Jodhpur sweets are made in lump-sum of quantity. Lots of meethai are prepared in Jodhpur and in large number of varieties. 

Sweets (Meetahai) :-
          After talking about namkeen and food lets move on to sweets. In a Jodhpuri food sweets play an important role. Jodhpuri thali incomplete without Jodhpur ki famous Meeethai. People of Jodhpur start their food with sweet, in marriages, dawats, functions, festivals meethai plays an important role. Jodhpuri ladies prepare home made meethais like BESAN KI CHAKKI, COCONUT BURFI, DAL KA HALWA, GUDH KA HALWA, MEETHI MATTHI, GUNJIYAS, MALPUA, KHEER and many more.

Some other sweets which is not home made but available in jodhpur's market are MAWA KACHORI, MAKHAN BADA, NUKTI LADDU, RABDI KA GHEWAR, JALEBI etc.
            As we know jodhpur is known as Suncity, the climate of jodhpur is very dry for coolness of people throat a unique drink is made MAKHANIYA LASSI which is famous all over the India.

Special Food of Jodhpuri Marriages

 Jodhpuri Food is famous and Royal in taste and Jodhpuri marriages food also very Royal in taste. People used lots of varities of food in marriages. There are different types of stalls, different varities of sweets, sabzi, namkeen are prepared. Marriages food is made up of lots of chewnuts, ghee, oil, dry fruits. Jodhpuri people present their marriages food in very Royal way.

There are some dishes which is used to made Jodhpuri Marriages are following......

Sabziyan (made in Jodhpuri marriages )-

1. Shahi Gatta
2. ker dakh
3. Pachkutta
4. Mirchi ka kutta
5. Dal Tadka
6. Gulabjamun ki Sabzi

Namkeens (made in Jodhpuri marriages)-

1. Mirchibada
2. Kofta
3. Khichiye
4. Salewade
5. Fry Mogar

Sweets (made in Jodhpuri marriages)-

1. Dal Badam ka Halwa
2. Malai Rajbhog
3. Gulabjamun
4. Ghewar
5. Besan ki chakki


1. Chilada
2. Imli Pani
3. Dudh Jalebi
4. Aalu Tikki
5. Pani Patasha
6. Chuski

Roti & Rice (made in Jodhpuri marriages)-

1. Tawa Roti
2. Tandoori Roti
3. Methi ki puri
4. Plain puri
5. Ram Khichdi

After eating all the delicious food Jodhpuri people serves PAN as a mouth-freshner at end of the meal.

Jodhpur have that type of food that if once people came here at enjoy the taste of jodhpuri rasoi never forget in his life and come again and again to taste the ROYAL FOOD OF JODHPURI RASOI. so come jodhpur atleast once to taste these ROYAL FOOD.


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